Sunday could be a nightmare for the PS

It’s true, of course, that the first round was bad for the PS. But on Sunday it could be much worse if the lists of the other left-wing parties do not merge with the PS.

Especially in Paris. The PS is too confident about certain districts. Especially the 12th and the 14th and the 9th arrondissements. In these arrondissements, I think that many PS voters will not follow their party leaders, even if lists do merge. For example, I predict that the PS will not win the 9th. Many residents are not PS voters and the leftists and the immigrants who can be found there are totally against the property developers. They are going to stay at home or vote for NKM.

Everywhere, the FN rises and the left is demoralized. Hollande and the PS offer nothing to people of the left. Nothing. Everything for the property developers, the bankers and the eurotrash. They piss on everybody else.

It can only get worse. I have deep worries about 2017. Le Pen is certain to make the second tour and I think that she can beat the weakling Holland or the clown, Copé. I fear greatly for the safety of the French Republic.