Sympathy for the devil

“It’s a certain tragedy when agony and resentment are all you have left connecting you to someone you once loved.”
J.S.B. Morse, Now and at the Hour of Our Death (2013)

I’m in agreement with Art Goldhammer:

Jean-Marie Le Pen, suspended from the Front National and denied the right to speak in its name, wants his daughter to marry Louis Alliot or Florian Philippot, so that she will no longer bear his name. This marks the end of a month-long battle. Some observers believed it was all a sham, a clever ploy designed to allow the daughter to distance herself from her father in order to further her ambitions, with his consent. Anyone who saw her face when Jean-Marie, wearing a bright red coat, mounted the platform in front of the statue of Joan of Arc and tried to usurp the role of party leader can no longer believe that the pair are playacting. They have come to a parting of the ways, as child and parent sometimes do. We are witnessing a psychodrama, not a political drama.

A glance at the faces of the players makes the truth unmistakable. That which might have begun as a calculated political theater is now undeniably real and tragic for the Le Pen family.    We are witnessing the death of the love between father and daughter as the struggle for control of a family business spirals out of control.

Politics may be everything but everything shouldn’t be politics.  It is sad to see love die regardless of anyone’s politics.  I hope that Jean-Marie Le Pen can see how toxic things have become in his family and reconcile with his daughter while there’s still time.  Not even the devil should die alone.