Hervin Khalaf’s blood is on Trump’s hands

It’s one thing after another with that asshole Trump. The mad king of America is having fun spreading chaos and destruction everywhere. He is personally corrupt and evil. Nothing is too vile or too bad for him. It’s like the world is unraveling. Cruelty and insensitivity abound. Donald Trump is a psychopath.

Now that we’ve established what Donald Trump is, let’s ask: What evil or corrupt thing did he do today? Here is the latest scandal: It turns out that last Sunday, Trump had a telephone conversation with the Turkish strong man Recept Tayyip Erdoğan and gave him the green light to invade and “ethnically cleanse” our Kurdish allies in Northern Syria. It was, by all accounts, an impulsive act of our little toddler king.

During the Turkish invasion against the Kurds, who, as I said, received the “green light” from Trump, many well-documented atrocities have already been committed. The Turks specifically targeted and bombed civilians killed children and destroyed entire families. Similarly, their representatives of Arab militias perpetrated violent massacres and ethnic cleansing. It seems indisputable that the Turks are fucking barbarians. We should expel them from NATO. We should expel them from the civilized world.

In short, another day, another act of madness, cruelty and betrayal by Donald Trump. Not only is he betraying his own country, but this time he is also betraying our allies, the Kurds, for the ethnic cleansing and countless atrocities committed by his Turkish paymasters.

There has been a lot of media coverage and the Turks are brutally killing everyone in their path, especially civilians. But, for some reason, one death among many touched me. Her name was Hervin Khalaf. She was a Kurdish politician. Her death was just one death among many, but as I said, it caught my attention. This woman was obviously targeted for death well in advance. And I thought of her alone, helpless, trapped like an animal. But according to most witnesses, she was raped, tortured and then stoned to death.

Remarkably, there is apparently a video of her death. Because it turns out that the Turks and their Arab militias are in fact proud of it. They wanted everyone to see it, even if it was a war crime. I will post a link to the video I mentioned above, and the Twitter account where it was found, but you probably don’t want to watch it. It is said that the rape and murder were also filmed, but I have not yet seen a film of this kind.

I don’t know why this one death among the massacre of so many innocent people was so significant to me, but perhaps it’s because the death of thousands of people is an abstraction while the death of an individual is real and tangible. Maybe this woman’s murder will hit the Republicans’ heartstrings and the Turks will be forced to withdraw. I am not sure that it is possible, at this stage, to repair the damage, but perhaps these heartless and sanctimonious bastards will be pushed to do something. Who knows? One thing is certain, Hervin Khalaf’s death will not affect Trump at all; to feel human emotions, you need to have a heart and a soul, and he doesn’t have one either.

Hervin Khalaf’s blood is on Trump’s hands, which won’t bother him, because he’s a malignant narcissist and a psychopath. He has no conscience or soul. He is condemned to hell, and I personally think that his Republican Party facilitators should join him there as soon as possible.

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